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DEAR CHRISTINE: Being run down by a lesbian

Dear Christine

DEAR CHRISTINE: Being run down by a lesbian

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Dear Christine,

Please allow me some space and time to write you concerning a problem I am having with a woman.

Christine, I am a female too, but this woman is a lesbian. She has been running me down, turning up at my school, calling me on my home number – which she got through deceitful means from my sister – and she does not hesitate to tell me whenever she gets the chance that she loves me and she wants me.

I do not know who to confide in. Most people who know this woman are aware that she loves girls. My parents are also aware of this but she is a friend of my family. I am sure when I tell them what this woman is doing, they will not be friends with her anymore. But should I do so?

Christine, I need to know what to do. Help me please. I am not interested in this woman. I am 15 years old.

– T.R.


Dear T.R.,

First, I need to inform you know that you have not done anything wrong or encouraged this woman in any way, so I hope you are not blaming yourself for her advances.

At your age you are still considered a minor. You need to tell your parents immediately what this woman is doing and let them deal with the situation. This is not your responsibility to shoulder and do not cover up for her.

In addition to telling your parents, inform your teacher about what is going on and let him or her know that this woman frequents your school.

Statistics have shown that people who attempt to have sexual relations with minors and those who commit acts of rape are known by their “victims”.

You do not know when this woman will actually strike, so do not hesitate to inform your parents and teacher right away.