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EDITORIAL: Bold new change on Sunday


EDITORIAL: Bold new change on Sunday

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THE NEWSPAPER you are holding in your hand (or reading online) is boldly new and deliberately different. We trust you recognise it! We invite you to embrace and enjoy this brand new Sunday Sun since it has been designed with the interest of you the reader exclusively in mind.

During its 36-year span this is only our second attempt to reconfigure this edition. But this one is far more extensive than the original changes which were introduced more than 15 years ago.

The first edition of the Sunday Sun appeared on June 3, 1979, following the launch of the Nation newspaper, then just a weekend edition, on November 25, 1973 and the Midweek Nation on September 28, 1977. This third edition signalled the intention of the directors of the Nation Publishing Company to establish a daily newspaper (six days a week) which was eventually ushered in on March 2, 1981. The Saturday Sun completed the Nation stable with its launch on February 13, 1987.

The makeover of a newspaper, like that of any other consumer product, is usually an attempt to offer difference and in this case, an improved creation, a better reading experience and the realisation of value added for those who rely on us to provide appropriate and balanced reporting on matters of significance in the lives of Barbadians at home and abroad, and indeed people of Caribbean ancestry, wherever they may live.

It is possible that the passage of time, trends and priorities impact reading habits and the likes and dislikes of consumers. This requires newspapers to examine their relevance to partners and readers, both in terms of content as well as presentation.

After years of doing the same thing over and over, editors of newspapers, like producers in any other industry, become smug in their efforts and complacent in their output, particularly, as in the case of the Sunday Sun, where widescale support and readership have been sustained.

Ever so often it is therefore advisable for a newspaper’s editors to step back, and with the advice of focus groups, marketing specialists and indeed experienced newspaper hands, critically examine the content and look of the title for relevance to readers. That is the context in which these changes have been made to create this new Sunday Sun.

This paper, and other editions issued by the Nation Publishing Co Limited, all of which are subject to acute calls of judgment against high-pressure printing deadlines, have been guilty of indiscretion, errors, gross errors, insensitivity, simplicity, neglect, sensationalism and over-stepping boundaries. The revamp of an edition provides a timely opportunity for us to review those shortcomings and refocus on the time honoured operational guidelines that give direction and impetus to discreet editorial choices.

But we also invite you the reader to give us the benefit of your reaction to our changed look and diversified content, thus helping guide future decision-making as we settle on a revised publication with you in mind, and one that satisfies your best experience in Sunday reading.