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TALKBACK: Consumers not sold on smart meters

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Consumers not sold on smart meters

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NORTH AMERICAN READERS have sounded a strong note of caution on the implementation of smart readers by the Barbados Light & Power Company (BL&P).

Last week, chief operating officer Stephen Worme told the DAILY NATION the company was examining the possible use of the meters which could read usage, connect and disconnect service remotely, and possibly reduce costs.

However, he said a full study of the pros and cons would have to be done.

Robert Holloway: We have them here in British Columbia and they work in transmitting your data, but most of the meter readers were laid off, mine failed and it took a few months for them to exchange while in the interim, I was charged what I was billed for the year prior. One can go online and see your daily consumption and houses around you in a total way, but any conservation only comes for the consumer buying better energy devices and bulbs, plus checking.

Jim Lynch: We have those in Ontario. We – the users – paid $2 billion for them instead of $1 billion; some have started fires and burned the houses they were attached to, and now we find out that the government does not even make use of the features they were “sold” to us for. As far as the Ontario taxpayer is concerned, they cost us twice what we were supposed to pay for them and we are still being ripped off by the politicians who promised a cheaper future through “time of use” billing (off-peak consumption). So be careful what they are selling you – it could be just another 20 pounds of politician manure in a ten-pound bag. And just as stink.

Omar Bhana: Water meters did the same thing – sent the bill skyrocketing. Now Light & Power doing the same.

Stephen Knight: I think people need to do the research on the smart meters. In the United States, there are some people who say these things aren’t good for you.

Marlon Stevenson: Once you have for-profit electricity producers, they will find ways to administer us to death. Shareholder return rules the roost.

Sabrina Brathwaite: You mean tricky meters.

Kevin Gibson: Whatever happened to greener and stopping the usage of fossil fuels and passing cheaper rates?

Peter Martin: Is this a way to increase the electricity bills again now that fuel cost is down? I don’t think BL&P gives a damn about cheaper light bills. They are not getting the monies now that oil prices have dropped thus causing bills to be cheaper. I was paying over $200 in light bill before, now my bill is $65.

Trudy Mayers: I bought a smartphone; I found out it was smarter than I was when my credit started going missing. Now smart meters. Man, I’m tired of all this smart going on.

Richie Belle: Say no to smart meters! Be wise.

Sherrylyn Toppin is The Nation’s Online Editor.