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11 young ones for singing contest


11 young ones for singing contest

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ELEVEN YOUNGSTERS will take to the stage tomorrow at 4 p.m. to vie for top honours in the second annual Gems of Blackman & Gollop Primary School Calypso Competition.

Asha Holder, Daniesha Davis, Kayla Payne, Romancia Wiltshire, Gabriel Waithem Emmanuel Sealy, Markaila Walcott, Summa Sargeant, Nazia Pierre, Keasha Yearwood, and Emari Browne will be facing the judges at the Staple Grove, Christ Church school in what is expected to be a keen contest.

Coordinator of the contest, senior teacher Jacqueline Sealy, told WEEKEND BUZZ that she came up with the idea for a competition as a way to teach the students about calypso.

“I thought that we can’t let our art form die out. I know the children think about Rihanna and being out there in the wider world but we still need to look at what we have here.

“I thought that if the children start now, from this age, they will grow with it and develop a love for calypso. When they become older you would expect that they would take part at some point in the calypso,” she said.

After the success of last year’s show she said she had to turn away students this year.

“This year everybody wants to be in it but we could only have some. I told them next year if they come early we’ll be able to work with them. The children are supposed to come up with their own concepts, an idea of what they want to sing and then they and their parents will get together and work on the songs. In some cases, we will help the children write the songs and in others it will be their parents,” she noted.

The competitors are drawn from every year group except Reception but she did not rule out that possibility.

“We start from the Infants A, that is the five to six age group, and we go up to the 10-to 11-year-olds. We have three from Class 4, two from Class 3, two from Class 2, one from Class 1, two from Infants B and one from Infants A,” Sealy said.

Describing the songs as “interesting”, the senior teacher said they dealt with topics such as free education, Independence, and singing social commentary versus soca. There is also a gospel entry.

Parkinson Memorial Secondary School’s band will be backing the singers.

She said she could not organise the competition and all of the different aspects alone, and she is very grateful to the people assisting her from all areas of the school. Anthony “Sarge” Sargeant, who works with the Junior Monarch competition, is working with them again this year. He went through the songs with the children. (Green Bananas Media)