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DEAR CHRISTINE: Wrong for ‘mature’ teens to have sex?


DEAR CHRISTINE: Wrong for ‘mature’ teens to have sex?

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DEAR CHRISTINE: My boyfriend is 17 years old and I am 14.

We consider ourselves to be very mature for our ages, but my parents are making a fuss about our friendship.

I am doing pretty well at school so there is really no question about our relationship getting in the way of my studies. He is also doing great and can be classified as an “A” student with great potential.

My parents think we are too serious about our friendship and will eventually get ourselves into trouble if we are not careful. I don’t understand why they are so concerned.

We have not gone that far, but do you also think that “mature” young people like ourselves should not have sex?

Do you think it is wrong?

– B.L

Dear B.L:

Yes, I think it is wrong.

I honestly do not think that at 14 you can be considered mature enough to have intercourse.

Yes, many teenagers your age hide and do their own thing, but many also live with regrets of early pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

I think you also ought to know that according to the laws of Barbados anyone who has sexual intercourse with an individual under the age of 16 can be charged with statutory rape.

Would you say that you are familiar with all the complications resulting from early sex and sexually transmitted diseases, etcetera?

Experiencing strong feelings for someone is not the best indicator that you’re ready for sexual intercourse.

This so called kind of “love” can also result in heartache, regrets and unwanted pregnancy.

Listen to the advice of your parents and try to make friends with different members of the opposite sex – without believing that at your age you’ve found “the one” and you are old enough to go all the way.