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MEN OF STYLE: Jason Zeddo

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

MEN OF STYLE: Jason Zeddo

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FOR JASON ZEDDO clothes is all about quality. His is a well known face and name (“everyone calls me Zeddo”) on the entertainment scene.

He is part of the Crop Over band Zulu International’s management team (he was recently in Trinidad for Carnival doing some scouting”) and he used to be attached to the marketing and promotion of the party drink Fireball (“I dabble in everything and party with the old and the young folk so I can keep abreast of what’s popping”).

Zeddo has given “birth” to his own fashion line, and his “baby” is only about six months old.

“It’s called T Jeans Unique. I am catering to the young, fashionable gentlemen that have problems finding what they want in Bridgetown in terms of casual but stylish clothing.”

Zeddo travels often to Britain to replenish his stock as he builds his clientele for pieces. He promises no more than two of a kind.

“In doing research on brands I realise that the H&M and Zara in the United States have different styles than in Britain. The European cuts are more fitted,” says Zeddo, who has had more than enough taste of British fashion, having lived there for four years previously.

“I was travelling there since age 18, and given the option to travel to other places I always chose Europe. I have been going there for about 15 years.

“When I was growing up I was very much into urban styles but I fell in love with European styles – fitted look that was not big, not baggy but with a rugged edge,” he stated, giving credit to an aunt who always made sure he was fashionably dressed in his younger years.

“She instilled in me a fashion sense of always being well dressed.”

Now Zeddo says he is all about quality, clothes that wear well even over time.

“When you take them to the cleaners they still stand up well . . . . No threads being pulled at the seams and so on.”

The entrepreneur says he always does his research into fabrics and he likes to get stuff out of River Island, Topshop and so on.

“I wear stuff that I want to feel and look good in . . . and I want the same for my customers.”

Zeddo says he can be found mostly in a T-shirt and jeans but they are always nice and fashionable ones that “you can wear to a function in the evening with the T-shirt tucked in under a jacket”.