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Abandoned house catches fire again


Abandoned house catches fire again

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A CHAPMAN STREET, The City house caught fire again today, leading fire officers to call for its demolition.

Residents have been complaining that the abandoned house was a fire hazard and true enough, the structure caught fire on Wednesday, threatening the safety of neighbours including three who are wheelchair-bound.

Today fire officers were called to the house again as flames erupted.

Leading fire officer Elvis Haynes said the building was made up of old time lath and plaster, so there was wood in the walls. He said such structures could smoulder for days and he suspected this would not be the last time the fire service would have to respond. As such, he recommended the house be demolished as soon as possible.

Haynes was in charge of four other fire officers responding to the 2:30 p.m call. They used a single tender from the Probyn Street headquarters. (CA)