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PUDDING & SOUSE: Boss fires the wrong man


PUDDING & SOUSE: Boss fires the wrong man

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EMPLOYEES AT A St Michael company are angry because one of their colleagues was recently fired and they want management to review the matter urgently.

Apparently, one man asked the other to see his jewellery and then ran off with it. The next day he was approached by the man for his property, but refused to hand it over, and a tussle ensued which resulted in the owner of the jewellery being dismissed.

His colleagues are particularly upset over the incident because they say the man who ran off with the jewellery, also ran to his police friend, who he has an extremely close relationship with, and made a report that he was physically assaulted.

This was after he was overheard saying that he has to get money one way or the other and that his neck, shoulder and back had been injured.

He also managed to get $500 from the other man’s family to pay his medical bills.

However, what has everyone puzzled is that he is complaining about so many injuries yet he was spotted partying in Holetown with the same police officer who investigated the matter.

Employees want management to know that they made a bad decision and fired the wrong man.

Cold shoulder

CERTAIN DIGNITARIES who travelled thousands of miles from their homeland to Barbados were not at all pleased with how they were treated when they landed here.

From what we understand, no Government officials were on hand at the airport to meet and greet them, even though they had sent a diplomatic note that they were coming. To make matters worse, they had to be transported to their various meetings in an ordinary hired vehicle.

While they did not expect the red carpet to be rolled out, given the circumstances and the serious matter they were dealing with, they were still looking forward to having an official welcome.

From what we understand, they complained that they felt as if they were being treated as if they came from a little Third World country when in fact they were coming from a country whose economy was worth billions.

It is now left to see if diplomatic relations between their country and Barbados will evolve.

Boardroom comes first

WHILE WE ARE hearing about all the financial problems that a state institution has been dealing with, it seems that it finally got money to carry out a very important project.

Word is that recently thousands of dollars was spent to renovate the boardroom.

People were amazed to see new tiles and brand new furniture being installed in the executive room, at a time when the institution could not even afford basic supplies.

People wanted to know if those who sat in the boardroom making all of the financial decisions and cutting back on vital supplies were of the view that they should do so in comfort.

Boss playing favourites

STAFF AT A country place in the heart of Town are very upset with their boss whom they feel is discriminating against them for one individual.

The boss has circulated a memo which forbids them parking their cars under the covered area and has reserved it for him and his special friends, forcing members to park in the area reserved for the housing area next door or in a unsafe lot outside the building.

Staff who have parked in this lot have reported theft and damage to their vehicles and when it rains it is impassable, but the boss doesn’t seem to care as he and his cronies enjoy
their cool comforts.

Staff want their uncaring boss and his selfish cronies to know that they are human too and all they are requesting is that he move speedily to prepare and secure the unsafe lot.

They believe that the boss, who is generally nice, was forced into his action by a his big-belly friend.