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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby’s friends don’t like me

Dear Christine

DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby’s friends don’t like me

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AFTER WE’D BEEN dating for six years, the man I was involved with decided to marry me.

It was something I always wanted but felt that because of his circle of friends he would not want to settle down.

We have been able to make good of our marriage but some of his friends are saying they do not like me.

This is bothering me a great deal, as my husband is close to these men and respects their opinions. My husband has blatantly shared his friends’ feelings with me.

Christine, he is free to go out with them as he pleases. I try to make life as comfortable as I can for him at home.

I am not sure why they do not like me and thinking about this is making me depressed.

Is there anything you can suggest to help me in this situation?


– SP


Dear SP,

I believe your husband is the one who should be giving you support, not blabbering to you about the things his friends are saying.

He should be able to stand up and defend you when they speak ill of you.

He is the one who should be telling them about all the good qualities you possess and why he chose to marry you in the first place.

If your husband is so insensitive to boast to you about his friends’ dislike of you, then I think he should be bold enough to ask them to tell you to your face what they really do not like about you.

If he is not man enough to ask them to do this, tell him bluntly that you do not want to know what they think or have to say about you. He can keep what they say to himself.

I hope you have not forsaken your own friends and that you have both male and female friends you can turn to when you need true friends to lean on.