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Education ministry issues statement on correction of SBAs


Education ministry issues statement on correction of SBAs

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The following is statement on the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation’s position on the submission of marks for the School Based Assessment.

The  Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (METI) has been made aware of statements made by the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) that students will not be disadvantaged if their School Based Assessments (SBA’s) are not marked.

The METI is also aware that the BSTU has stated “that according to CXC’s own Rules and Regulations, the only basis on which a student can receive an “ungraded” is if the SBA has not been submitted. Their rules and regulations say nothing about the SBA being unmarked. BSTU teachers are submitting the SBA’s. The Ministry must accept them and therefore the SBA’s must be graded. How they are graded is the responsibility of CXC.”

The METI again states for the information of parents and the general public that neither the METI nor the CXC can mark the SBA’s as this is a continuous assessment. The SBA is a School Based Assessment, and therefore the assessment must be done at the school. As such, it is the responsibility of the subject teacher to mark the student’s work. The SBA can only be submitted complete if it is marked. For the record, submitted means marked with a score.

CXC is responsible for the marking of the examination and provides the student’s overall grades based on the marked SBA, submitted by the school, and the score obtained by the student in the examination.

The student will therefore be disadvantaged if the SBA is not marked, and will also be disadvantaged in their pursuit of higher education at Universities and other tertiary institutions or entry into the sixth form, because they will not be awarded a grade for a CSEC or CAPE subject without the graded SBA submitted by the teacher. (Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation/BGIS)