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Cambodian cinema puts brakes on Furious 7 competition


Cambodian cinema puts brakes on Furious 7 competition

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PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) – A cinema chain in the Cambodian capital has apologised for what it called a Fast and Furious Competition, which was criticised for encouraging participants to drive fast and post online photos of their speedometers.

Legend Cinemas had launched the competition ahead of the April 13 release of Furious 7 in Cambodia, the latest film in the blockbuster Hollywood franchise known for its high-speed driving and outrageous auto antics.

The cinema chain posted a message Thursday on its Facebook page that called on drivers of motorcycles and cars to photograph their speedometers and post the pictures with the tagline, “I’m the fastest like (hash)Fast&Furious7.”

Di Lant, a cinema spokeswoman, said Friday that the posting immediately drew complaints from people who misinterpreted the nature of the competition.

“It was purely a game. We were not encouraging people to commit traffic violations,” Di Lant said. “But to avoid any misunderstanding, we have removed the advertisement.”

Within two hours of being posted, she said the campaign was taken down. A new message that was posted later Thursday said: “We do apologise for our Fast & Furious competition … It was a shame that we made it happen.”

Cambodia’s transportation ministry says that about six people die each day in traffic accidents on Cambodia roads.