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Dare to be a Daniel

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Dare to be a Daniel

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LATOYA DANIELS can be found wearing boots in 90-degree weather (“even if it means getting blasted on social media”) and calls her style bold and sexy.

“I am very unique in my style and not afraid to take risks. I am very impulsive and diverse with my taste. Some days I may feel to go simple sexy cut dress and stiletto heels; another day I may feel for bold colours, cuts and high heel boots.”

The 29-year-old recently returned from New York where she did her first runway show with her Caribbean line of swimwear, Daresque.

“It was really cold but I had fun . . . . The experience was enlightening.”

Latoya holds a bachelor of science degree in psychology from the University of the West Indies. There was further hustle for her, working as a bar maid, model and promotional girl, before her industry truly began to bear fruit last year.

“Sometimes the perfect plans fall to a different destiny,” she says. “I never attended fashion school and never had intentions of being a designer. However, I always had a knack for being unique and this is what started my creativity. I would buy a dress but the fear to look the same as others, made me cut up the dress to make it more unique.

“I have always played by my own rules from day one. I don’t follow fashion trends, as every trend doesn’t always suit every body type. I am never the type to ask my friends what they are wearing to see how I would dress for an event. I just go with however I feel at the moment.”

Latoya says her fashion sense over the years has developed from bold risqué to a subtle sexy: “Occasionally, I would bring out the risqué I am well-known for but most often I tend to now stick with the sexy but less loud styles.”

She is also open to colours and says she goes through phases monthly where she would rock all red, all black or all white “or I would wear crazy neon colours if the mood strikes”.

“But if I could choose one colour that takes over my wardrobe it would probably be white. I think white has an elegant, rich, outstanding look. White is associated with light and goodness and I believe in energy and white has a positive energy.”

When Latoya goes to meetings she is more than likely to turn up in a sundress. “It can be casual and cool without showing too much. If it’s a more conservative environment then I would wear a jeans and a jacket. I am involved in marketing, events, fashion, so luckily people don’t expect too much of a stuffy business look from me. I wear shorts, sundresses and jeans with cropped tops so my field of work goes quite well with my wardrobe choices; lucky me,” she said laughing. “Since I have a swimsuit line, if I could wear swimsuits all day, I would.”

When she is relaxing or just running errands Latoya’s staple piece is short pants.

“This weather in Barbados is too hot for so much clothes. My favourite daily wear is a pair of shorts, a strap top and sandals.”