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Sargassum blankets beaches


Sargassum blankets beaches

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THE SARGASSUM SEAWEED continues to blanket the coastline of Barbados.

The latest sightings have been at Conset Bay, St John, and Long Beach, Christ Church, where entire stretches of pristine sand have succumbed to a cloak of the tangled weed which has been making its way across the Atlantic Ocean.

The weak and vulnerable marine life might jump for joy when they see the sargassum weed approaching because they use it as a haven to protect themselves from ocean predators.

But that’s not shared by fishermen, who have complained of low catches, and beach users, who have had to contend with a foul odour.

Efforts to rid the beaches of the weed have been undertaken by public-spirited Bajans, hoteliers and the National Conservation Commission over the past weeks, but the sea seems relentless in transporting the olive brown species and dumping it along local coasts. (JS)