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Stand on side of truth, says rector


Stand on side of truth, says rector

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DO NOT OPPOSE simply for the sake of being in opposition.

This is a message as true today as it was in the time of Jesus, said rector of the St Mary’s Anglican Church, Reverend Von Watson, as he delivered the sermon during the Good Friday family litany.

Watson said the chief priests wished to deny Jesus was the King of the Jews despite it being written by Pontius Pilate. He said they did so as, should Jesus be the king, they would not have the authority to crucify him.

Watson said this showed the priests were willing to subvert the truth just to get their way and this was being seen today.

“I have lived to hear some comments – that things which some people oppose, when they were in the decision making seat, they spoke well of. It’s all part of the human game but we as a church cannot afford to allow such gaming to take precedence or even residence.

“This Good Friday invites us to look upon life’s situations and make sure that before we disagree, we exhaust all the available data; that we get all the facts and do the necessary investigations and enquiries before we make the judgement call,” he said.

Watson said Christians had to side with the truth and allow “facts to be facts and truth to be truth”.

“One of the things we must take with us on this Good Friday is the stamina of truth. As long as we stand on the side of truth, we will [eventually] win,” he said. (CA)