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FLYING FISH & COU COU: VIP splits with spouse


FLYING FISH & COU COU: VIP splits with spouse

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A VERY IMPORTANT person is alleged to be involuntarily single again.

From what Cou Cou has gathered, this individual, who once held considerable political sway, has split with their spouse.

Operatives from either side of the divide are whispering about this development. Some are suggesting that if what is being said has truly occurred, it would be very unfortunate for the person, who seems to be struggling with a number of issues at present, including financial difficulties.

The person has several detractors, and some of them reportedly said if a split has indeed occurred, it would be a case of the parties involved reaping what they sowed.

One operative, who said it would not surprise him if this person found themselves in this position, told Cou Cou that from what he had heard, the person has not been acting in a manner that befitted their status.

According to this operative, the person has been calling people and getting into unnecessary arguments with them. This has left many of those called angry and frustrated.

The person also allegedly had a major disagreement with a long-time professional colleague and at end of it demanded back items which were lent.

Those in the know are watching this situation carefully to see if this person can salvage their relationship with their spouse – if it is indeed fractured as badly as being suggested – and recover from this patch of hard luck; or if this person’s situation will get worse.

Illusion of greatness

THE GREATEST ILLUSIONS ever pulled were those that convinced people that things that actually exist do not.

And those capable of such grand illusions are fittingly considered great.

Such accolades, argues a self-styled political pundit, should also be bestowed on the local individual who has managed the same feat in the most significant way.

According to this person, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has been able to take a party of young, strong-willed, opinionated people and mould them into a winning team. Most important, he has also been able to diffuse whatever personality clashes would inevitably arise between people with such dominant personalities, and has kept the Democratic Labour Party ship sailing along in the choppiest waters yet experienced.

As proof, he pointed to the publicised differences between Chris Sinckler and Dr David Estwick.

The man told Cou Cou that for all the talk and letters Estwick wrote to Stuart complaining about Sinckler, at the end of the day the doc still toes the party line. Like everybody else in the regime, Estwick continues to do whatever the party requires to stay in power.

For that, Stuart should be praised, said the man, because he has proven to be a greater source of unity, even more so than late Prime Minister David Thompson.

As for the Barbados Labour Party, this self-proclaimed independent thinker said Mia Mottley has not been able to plaster over cracks like Stuart has.

Here he pointed not only to Owen Arthur’s departure from the party, but the recent noise being kept by Dr Maria Agard.

But, he noted, it was better when you have a crack to burst it open, clean it out and then fix it back properly, than to keep pasting over it like nothing was wrong.

After all, reality must set in at some time.