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PUDDING & SOUSE: Together – job or no job


PUDDING & SOUSE: Together – job or no job

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NO ONE was surprised when a certain woman stood by her man and took the plunge with him.

That the two of them worked together at the same organisation has always been a talking point, with many senior officials turning to the statute books to see if they could find a loophole to separate them. Obviously that didn’t work.

Wifey was so tied to hubby’s hip that whenever he took a break she did and when he took his lunch, she did too. She also waited for several hours at the office until he finished his shift.

So it was really a no-brainer that when the opportunity presented itself the dynamic duo opted to leave together.

Biting the hand  . . .

FRIENDS of a woman who lives in the north are hopping mad that a neighbour has taken advantage of her kindness.

Apparently, this neighbour had not worked for several years; didn’t know from day to day how she was going to feed her many pickneys but this kind-hearted woman always came through for her. She gave food for the children, water for them to bathe and even took them to church with her on Sundays.

Now the neighbour has finally found a job she has repaid this kind woman by bad-talking her name and by no longer going to her home as she used to.

Friends are very upset because they say when she was down and out that was the only person who supported her. They want to know if she would crawl back should she fall on hard times again.

Wolf in the playground

PARENTS are being asked to beware of a popular personage who has a sweet mouth and can sway people.

Though he is adored by the public and comes across as a people’s person, he always has a motive or purpose behind his good deeds.

This very flamboyant character is known to form very strong bonds with children and even their parents, whom he uses to gain trust.

People who have intimate knowledge of this man say he is good at presenting a false image and they want to warn parents to guard their little ones.