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Christianity alive in Barbados

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

Christianity alive in Barbados

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CHRISTIANITY IS STILL alive and well in Barbados and there are still many youth involved, said Monsignor Vincent Blackett.

Speaking to NATIONNEWS after the late morning service, Blackett said Barbadians had been turning out in their numbers for the Easter services and activities.

“From our perspective, we have had [large numbers] for communion [today] and it was the same last night and at 7 a.m. This is very heartening and the number of young people and young families, that is a good sign,” he said, adding the youth were out in their numbers taking part in the 14 stations re-enactment.

The St Patrick’s Children’s Choir lent their voices to the service.


During his sermon, Blackett said Jesus was to be found in places some may deem unlikely and Christians seeking Him must not turn their faces away from the poor or downtrodden because in doing so, they turn away from Jesus.

“We will find the risen Lord where we least expect him, in the Galilees of this world. It is right here, at St Patrick’s Cathedral. You will find Jesus because you will find all kinds of people coming together to worship, among the [so-called] insignificant people,” he said. (CA)