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DEAR CHRISTINE: Wife should learn to share

Dear Christine

DEAR CHRISTINE: Wife should learn to share

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Dear Christine,

I have been seeing a married man for the past ten years and I have never done anything to hurt or trouble his wife.

I love this man very much and his wife is aware of the relationship. However, lately she began to hound him concerning me. I have never once called at his home where she lives, that she could be hurt or humiliated. He, on the other hand, calls me from wherever he chooses – home, work, or just out. He and his wife enjoy a good life together and have built themselves a home in a nice neighbourhood. The children are given good care and I know he loves his family.

I would like for his wife to know that there are more men than women in the earth and she should learn to share her husband in a day like today. King Solomon had many wives and several concubines, so this is nothing new. She has the choice of getting rid of him altogether if she does not want him to be friendly with anyone else. Nobody would have him then.

– Mistress


Dear Mistress,

When I read your article I could not believe that someone could be so brazen as to suggest that another man’s wife put up with him having a mistress.

   Quoting the Old Testament will not help you. The same Law from which you are quoting also states: “Do not commit adultery.”

   Also, would you be happy if you were to discover this man was seeing you and a couple more women? Would the scriptures you are quoting be relevant to you then? I am sure you’ll throw the Solomon system and culture through the windows.

Your suggestion that the wife kill the husband so nobody can have him reminds me of the situation with Solomon when two women were claiming the same child as theirs.

When Solomon suggested the child be cut in two and be divided between the two women, the real mother whose heart  yearned for the child she had given birth to, asked that the child’s life be spared and that he be given to the other woman. Out of this, Solomon realised who the real mother was. I guess I’ve made my point.