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Nikele Davis: Locing it down

Natanga Smith

Nikele Davis: Locing it down

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Nikele Davis originally wanted to be a chef but quickly came to the realisation that she loved eating more than she loved cooking.

But, like most young girls, she also loved styling her natural hair. Therefore, her first job at age 15 at Hapi Loc Groomers, working as a stylist, was her foray into the natural hair and locs business. This was the first of many steps towards owning her own hair salon, Mocha Hair Designs.

The hairstylist said owning her hair salon was because “I always wanted something more for myself. . . . So I made all the necessary sacrifices to have a salon . . . . I needed to see a product of my passion and love for natural hair and locs. It helps that I’ve been natural my entire life – I’ve never had any chemicals in my hair, thanks to my father who continuously reminded me that nothing was wrong with my hair the way it is.”

Nikele added, “I’ve been extremely fortunate thus far in my life to be surrounded by strong, ambitious, courageous and powerful women like Ichia Tiyi, Hajar Pilgrim and Avril Gittens, who all played a significant role on my path to becoming an entrepreneur.”

Located on the West Coast, Mocha Hair Designs offers a variety of services to clients.

Treatments vary depending on the condition of the hair and scalp, and Nikele is proficient in the palm-rolling technique used to groom locs before the styling process.

“We also braid and twist natural hair in various unique styles and at present twist outs and rolling are very popular in the natural hair community.”

For Nikele a great day is “being able to be a part of my clients’ journey and then seeing them become a member of the Mocha Hair Designs family”.

Nikele weighs in on the natural hair topic, citing her dissatisfaction when people overall refer to a particular texture of natural hair as “good hair and eliminate all other hair types which makes it difficult for a person to embrace and love their own. Healthy hair is good hair . . . .It has nothing to do with texture.”


Nikele’s hair designs are beautiful works of art: “To me, each style is a unique piece designed and created to accentuate the canvas who is the person wearing it. When styling, I’m most inspired by the face structure of the client and their personality.

“At Mocha Hair Designs while we love to do beautiful styles, hair health and healthy living is a major focus point and that’s what sets us apart . . . making us not just the typical salon but a lifestyle brand.”

Nikele noted that  while everyone wants a beautiful head of locs instantly, that just isn’t realistic. “Have patience and enjoy each stage your hair goes through. Two of the biggest mistakes people make when starting locs is having them started too small and not average size and trying too many techniques in the beginning stages.”

She advised people not to become product junkies: “All they really need is the right locing gel (ORS loc & twist gel has a great hold). Organic Hair Polish is a light oil sheen that works beautifully and most definitely for the hair and scalp natural oils such as olive oil, black castor oil and sweet almond oil are perfect.”