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Worried lover is fooling me

Dear Christine

Worried lover is fooling me

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Dear Christine,

I AM IN A BIND. I really love a young man who told me he loves me also. We spend a lot of time together, but he also lives at another woman’s house. She has a child for him. I try to get him to come and live with me, or for me to live with him, but he keeps making excuses.

He says he does not know what I am worrying about since even though he and this woman sleep in the same bed they do not make love.

Sometimes he brings some of his clothes for me to wash. The last time he did I found a “love letter” in one of the pockets from a girl. When I asked him about it he told me she is the one running after him and he does not love her.

I am worried and anxious, Christine. He says this girl is rushing him and he does not have sex with the child’s mother, but the love letter did say a whole lot. What am I to believe? Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.

– PS

Dear PS,

I hope you keep your word and do as I advise you. In fact, I believe you have a very good idea what I am going to advise you to do. It’s simple! You have to part ways with this two-timer.

Honestly, if he and the child’s mother are not in a relationship, why would he want
to continue sleeping in the same bed with her?

Does it make sense to you? Take the blindfold from your eyes. The quicker you see the light the better. If the love letter was indeed a one-sided affair why did he
keep it?

He is not worth the anxiety or time. Take my advice and send him and his clothes packing. Do it right away.