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Students get career tips with Scotiabank Schools’ Road Show


Students get career tips with Scotiabank Schools’ Road Show

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WITH ONE MORE term now left to go before graduation, final year students at the Lester Vaughan School and the Alleyne School got some timely advice recently on how to launch their careers. The job-seeking and job-application tips came when Scotiabank launched its Preparing for the World of Work schools’ road show during the final week of the recently-ended school term.

Scotiabank’s learning and development manager Rico Layne and assistant learning and development Manager Belinda Maraj shared advice with the schools’ final year students about applying for and entering the workforce.

During an animated session at the Alleyne School, Maraj, who conceptualised the program, spoke to students candidly about the importance of first impressions.

“Research shows it takes just 12 seconds for us to form a perception of someone we meet,” shared Maraj as she explained in detail how “doing your homework” could help them start out with an advantage. 

She pointed out that simple things can make the difference, such as finding out exactly to whom your cover letter should be addressed, researching the company so you are prepared for the interview and having an appropriate email address.

 “Don’t send your application from [email protected] or [email protected]  – it does not look like you’re serious or professional, ” cautioned Maraj, eliciting widened eyes and nudges from students.

Layne and Maraj also explained how despite not having formal work experience, students could use their extracurricular activities to demonstrate how they have the skills and experience needed for a particular job.

“Have confidence in yourself and your ability. Your leadership skills are honed through the activities you take part in – so cadets, Key Club, Inter-School Christian Fellowship – these all count as experiences you can draw on when putting together your C.V. or doing an interview,” said Layne during his presentation at Lester Vaughan.

The workshops also covered topics such as etiquette, deportment and grooming and personal financial management.

Maraj said that she was inspired to come up with the road show after doing a brief presentation at a Scotiabank-sponsored leadership symposium at the Alleyne School in January.

“Based on the feedback and questions I got from the students then, it occurred to me that this is something that our school-leavers could really benefit from. We’re happy with how the first sessions went and we hope to take it to other schools next term,” she stated. (PR)