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TALK BACK: Readers suggest amendments to traffic laws


TALK BACK: Readers suggest amendments to traffic laws

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ONLINE READERS have welcomed changes to Barbados’ Road Traffic Act which should address problems like wheelies and distracted driving.

The announcement was made recently by Minister of Transport Michael Lashley, who said the amendments should be going to Parliament shorty.

He outlined stiff penalties for “distracted driving”, including using cellphones to take selfies or send text messages.

Online readers also offered a few suggestions.

Angela Gray: Fines would never be paid! Start deducting points off their licences. Start with ten – three for speeding, three for not wearing seatbelts, five for not having proper insurance/road tax, eight for using cellphone whilst driving, eight for reckless driving, automatic disqualification for drink driving, injuring/killing someone with related jail sentence.

Jacqui Marshall: But what we need most of all is a computerised ticketing system so that after we get all these new laws that police can’t fix tickets for their friends. It is so sad to see how people are so irresponsible and inconsiderate, they act like children really. They should not then be able to have their ticket squashed because they know somebody.

Femi Mbanwie: On the spot fines with a receipt or credit card, if no cash or credit card, then confiscate the vehicle by clamping, then you have to pay to collect.

Tête La: I hope this law extends to the ministers’ friends and families also the police, judges, lawyers, political and public figures.

Kathie Daniel Fertur Lux: Making a law is one thing, enforcement is another. We have CCTV cameras already in place at several intersections but the bad driving continues. The bad drivers need to be dealt with swiftly and surely, using the modern technology that is already in place. People run red lights at the bottom of Bishop’s Court Hill, the Pine East-West and Pine Road junction and others all the time.

Calypsocalover: For a long while now all I hear this man says is that tougher laws coming here, there and everywhere. Just do it for once.

Sodi: Minister Lashley, while laws for distracted driving are most welcome, did you forget the driving under the influence legislation and the breathalyser testing law? How can Barbados expect to gain the title of “developed nation”, without this crucial legislation? Seems a little strange to have all of these new “tough laws”, designed to create safe roads, but there is absolutely no mention of one of the most basic tenets of road safety.

Peter Martin: A guy caught not wearing a seat belt shouldn’t have to go to court to be fined when he can get a ticket there on the spot and go and pay the fine.

Andria GoodHeart: I hope they do something about them bright blue lights that blinding yuh at night even in your mirrors too. We drive too close to each other with such bright beams.

Deborah Alleyne: About time.

• Sherrylyn Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.