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Deal with key issues, Mr PM


Deal with key issues, Mr PM

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I RECOMMEND that in seeking to create his legacy, our Prime Minister undertake and commit to something substantive and long-lasting which deserves urgent attention.

There are serious problems emerging regarding access to and the use of our beaches, especially where our locals are concerned. It would be a great legacy if he could put these things right and so contribute to this critically important aspect of our heritage.

He needs to deal with the restrictive and controlling attitude of waterfront property owners and the annoying, abusive and reckless attitude of beach bums, beach vendors, watersports operators and so on, and the disturbance by players of volleyball, cricket and other sports.

He also needs to ensure that public access is provided in several areas and not, as in many cases, limited to narrow, dangerous and litter-strewn openings.

There are several complaints about litter and it is a shame to see the “Public Access To Beach” sign in Queen Street, Speightstown (at the entrance via the road between Pizza Man Doc and Jordans which leads to the beach), reading about beautiful Barbados, only to find that the area which is supposed to be an area maintained by the Government as a public park is nothing but an untidy and dirty area.

The surroundings at the beach are attractive (an old cannon, coconut trees and the cement plant in the background) but the development of upscale facilities in the area and the general development of the Speightstown area are most likely to lead to hampering the enjoyment of the area.

This situation should not be allowed to set in, only for there to be some feeble mutterings when it is all too late.

Meanwhile, the ministry responsible for the maintenance of public parks needs to take a look at this so-called park and clean it up.