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IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Don’t give them a licence to rob


IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Don’t give them a licence to rob

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SOMETIMES WE OPERATE in a manner that suggests only people with big titles and qualifications can offer sensible suggestions for a better society. But we all know that’s not true.

Two weeks ago a lady who operates a shop called me to say she was more than a little bothered for the first time about a situation that has existed for many, many years. And it all had to do with the growing lawlessness in the society.

As a shopkeeper she is required, like all others who sell alcoholic beverages, to prominently display a liquor licence that shows the name and address of the proprietor.

“Mr Morris, my problem is that these criminals are not dumb. They will come into your place, find out where you are living and attack you in the middle of the night. I would like to suggest that they change things so that the address of the business is shown on the licence . . . .”

Her fears were expressed during the week when reports were surfacing of well-dressed men pretending to be representing legitimate businesses as a way to gain access to targeted homes to rob the occupants.

Now you will hardly ever find me in a rum shop unless I am “working”, but what this lady is saying makes absolute sense to me, especially when crime prevention ought to be so high on our agenda.