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Too many problems with Transport Board

Andre Petite

Too many problems  with Transport Board

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I am writing with regards to the number of accidents that are happening almost on a daily basis with Transport Board buses.

The Barbados Transport Board has a lot of problems with their buses and because of these accidents that are occurring almost daily is affecting the public with their daily commuting to and from their destinations.

There is also the increasing problem with drivers who drive these buses but do not greet passengers nor have the care that they should have when dealing with situations.

I have seen personally pregnant women get in buses and the drivers would not tell people to get up to give these women seats. That also goes for old people, too, who are in their 70s and 80s and look frail. They stand up no one sitting down will give them a seat either.

The Transport Board needs a facelift with its management and its operations department. They also need to get the rid of these old buses since they are ageing daily and need serious repairs.

You have people waiting in the bus terminals for two and three hours for buses on a daily basis to get work and home.

The Transport Board needs to either change the way it does business or it should be privatised.

If the Transport Board is privatised, Government should still regulate a standard price for public transportation. The company could then increase its buses or coaches to operate throughout the island.

These buses would operate using the stipulated fee by government. But this could only be done if government offers the company subsidies in order for it to keep their fares low.