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MAVIS BECKLES: Well, what next?


MAVIS BECKLES: Well, what next?

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THE AMOUNT O’ STRANGE – or should I say weird? – things dat yuh see or hear ’bout nowadays does make you want tuh ask, what next?

I mean tuh say, it doan look normal or it is like people ain’t got nuh kind o’ common sense or duh lost duh thinking.

Some o’ dem just doan care and maybe some have become so self absorbed dat it doesn’t really matter who is being affected, suh long as they get their needs met.

One such thing is this: now evah single year it is a different story wid the teachers union and the ministry, the schools or a couple o’ principals, one in particular.

Well, this year another thing has come up: duh got a big lot o’ confusion now ’bout the teachers’ot getting compensation fuh marking papers. Evahbody know by now wha’ the teachers’ union fighting for so I ain’t gotta spell it out. but who suffering?

Um is the poor children who seeing duh dreams dwindling as big people fight for duh so called rights. These are the same people who should be making sure dat these pupils get the best education.

You would think dat they would have the children’s best interest at heart. But hey! Evahbody fighting fuh duh rights at any cost and at any and evahbody expence.

What next nuh?

Another thing dat making me ask what next is this. Now cud’dear, we in Barbados cahn even seem tuh get outta the hole dat we find weselves in; the bad reports coming from all sorts o’ people wid all sort o’ agendas. If um ain’t Standard & Poor’s, it is Moody and whoevah else.

Evahbody seem tuh be washing duh mout’s ’pon we; declaring, prophesying and predicting evah kind o’ doom and gloom fuh this rock.

Now you would think dat the Prime Minister would take the time tuh talk tuh the people o’ Barbados and try tuh reassure dem, even try tuh give dem a li’l hope in the face of all o’ this mess but not he, he talking bout moving Barbados from a monarchy, tuh a republic.

I ain’t know if I saying it the right way but I ain’t nuh big up politician nor scholar. I went tuh high school, learn well and, thank God, still got li’l common sense but I cahn understand how yuh could got so many problems all ovah the country tuh deal wid and instead o’ trying tuh fix dem, yuh trying tuh create more unnecessary stress tuh already stressed out people.

Well duh say dat the police is there tuh serve and protect; they are supposed tuh uphold the law and keep peace in the country but evah minute yuh reading ’bout how a police officer under investigation or on leave or he gotta appear in court fuh something or the other.

Um look like some o’ the same police doing the same wrong things dat they’re supposed tuh prevent the public from doing.

These is just a few things dat stand out dat I does have tuh shake my head at but oh! Duh got a programme pon the TV wid this name, WHAT NEXT? Now dat is a different kettle o’ fish. we gine talk bout dat next week.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.