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PUDDING & SOUSE: Moving up, not out


PUDDING & SOUSE: Moving up, not out

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NO ANNOUCEMENT has been made but it appears that a certain man who should really be home enjoying his retirement years has been promoted at a Government institution.

Last year several rumours were circulating that he was supposed to move up a notch to an executive position, but to this date staff have not been informed if this is so. However, recently he has been driving a brand new vehicle with ML licence plates, and this could only come about if he assumed the higher position.

Staff want to know if the minister is waiting until they move into a new building to certify this position.

The lady in red

WE NOW KNOW the reason why a multimillion dollar project is on hold and a legal battle is in the works.

Apparently, the wealthy owner and one of his rich investors have been fighting over the affection of an Italian woman.

One of them is not giving up the fight, either, and he has told his business associates that he forked out thousands of pounds to wine and dine this woman. It seems that this may be the reason why his company is in the red.

Bonus overload

STAFF are not at all pleased that their company is seeking to restructure and has been talking about massive lay-offs when the big boss was paid a whopping $5 million in bonus for Christmas.

They want to know why the company would be talking about losing money and high overheads when at the same time it is dishing out millions of dollars in bonus.

P&S understands that it will be an electrifying discussion when the staff meets with the union soon.

Advice for Miss Charm

IN THE MIDSTt of serious financial woes, the concern on the hill is what Miss Charm will be doing to ensure greater efficiency.

People in privileged and cushioned positions were in discussions this week while the guru was trying to learn Mandarin. But over a few drinks, from their uncapped view they said it was the little things which will matter in the months ahead.

The first thing many of them suggested would be for Miss Charm to take possession of the official residence. The second piece of advice they had for her is not to put a bunch of blind supporters around her stool.