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Baby’s body found in a barrel


Baby’s body found in a barrel

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SANTA Cruz, St Elizabeth – How a 23-month-old baby came to be found dead in a barrel, packed head first with clothes and foodstuff, is proving a puzzle for police investigators in this south central town.

Investigators say they must now await an autopsy report before their next move.

Police identified the dead toddler as Jaydeen Myers of Grosmond, Braes River, three miles north-east of Santa Cruz.

Reports are that Jaydeen’s mother had prepared her for a bath about 2 p.m. Saturday when she was distracted by other children. When she returned some time later the toddler was nowhere to be seen.

After hours of frantic search, the body of the child was found by a relative in the barrel which was standing upright.

Reports say the relative went to the barrel to remove foodstuff and felt something ‘out of place’. It turned out to be Jaydeen’s foot. Removal of several items from the barrel revealed the child’s lifeless body. (Jamaica Observer)