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Mum: Please let my daughter go


Mum: Please let my daughter go

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I JUST WANT my daughter to come home.

Fighting to control her tears, Marsha Sandiford is publicly asking her daughter Araya to come home and if the 13-year-old is being held captive, for her captors to set her free.

The distraught mother of three, of St Michael, told the DAILY NATION she felt something had happened to her only daughter as it has been a week since there had been any sign of her. She was last seen on April 14 and is still missing today.

“I leave her in here, we hug, we kiss, she tell me enjoy my day, but later when I call she phone, I wasn’t getting any answer so I call my [older] son phone and he tell me, ‘Mummy, you know Ray-Ray gone badminton?’ and I said no, she wasn’t going anywhere,” she said.

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Nation, or in the eNATION edition.