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Stuart’s response was disrespectful


Stuart’s response was disrespectful

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MR FREUNDEL STUART’S verbal assault on Sir Hilary Beckles is absolutely appalling and disrespectful. Please, Mr Stuart, it’s time to stop your continuous diatribe.

When Sir Hilary and a few brave souls single-handedly agitated for racial equality in the composition of directors at the then Mutual Insurance, where were you?

Sir Hilary has done so much for the psyche of black Barbadians and West Indians, it is immeasurable.

Not to mention his tireless work of transforming the University of the West Indies into an international institution.

This has improved/impacted the lives and economic circumstances of working and middle class Barbadians.

Also, lest we forget, he has represented this region at numerous fora and conferences around the world on matters critical to our development.

Lastly, Sir Hilary was responsible for the construction of the Errol Barrow Centre For Creative Imagination at the University of the West Indies, so the performing arts can have a home and thereby strive for excellence in the same way that Mr Errol Barrow did.

It is evident that whenever Mr Stuart’s weak policies are challenged, he arrogantly and belligerently lashes out at the messenger, a trait that is very detrimental to Barbados.

Newsflash, Mr Stuart: Sir Hilary has done so much more for the average Barbadian and West Indian than you have ever done or will ever do in your lifetime. Stay the course, Sir Hilary.

Elections come now.