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Chikungunya on the decline in Barbados


Chikungunya on the decline in Barbados

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CASES OF chikungunya disease in Barbados continue to decline, with 57 suspected cases reported for the first 12 weeks of this year.

In its latest update released today, the Ministry of Health further stated that no cases have as yet been confirmed for the year.

The Ministry disclosed that there were 1 887 cases reported last year, 126 of which were confirmed by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA). The majority of confirmed cases were persons under the age of 15 and over 65. Two deaths associated with the disease were recorded.

The Ministry also reported a decline in the levels of mosquito breeding in recent weeks. Despite this, it has urged Barbadians to remain vigilant and take all necessary measures to reduce breeding around their premises.

This includes securely storing or covering domestic water storage containers such as buckets, barrels and drums, and discarding containers that collect water such as bottles, cans and coconut shells. Householders should also ensure that septic tanks and soakaways are well-sealed.

Householders and property owners found breeding mosquitoes on their premises may be prosecuted under the Health Services Control of Mosquito Regulations 1970, Cap. 44. (BGIS)