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DEAR CHRISTINE: Lack of caring at Welfare Dept


DEAR CHRISTINE: Lack of caring at Welfare Dept

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Dear Christine,

I AM NOT WORKING and I have no one to help me right now. As a result, I turned to the Welfare Department for assistance so my son and I could at least get some food to eat.

Christine, the service at the Welfare Department is awful. The officers treat people who are seeking assistance in the worst way. This made me feel very bad recently when I had to turn there for help.

I am 23 years old and it was hard for me to understand why they treat people in such a manner.

They do not even act as though they are willing to help. As a result, I feel very discouraged and would rather not go there for assistance.

The thing is, right now, I must find some way to feed my son, whose father has also lost his job. We are both looking for work. I am hoping that something can be done to put a better system in place where people like me would feel a whole lot better when they go to this department for help.

Not all of us who end up at the Welfare Department are bad, worthless people. It is just that life’s circumstances (at times no fault of our own) can place us in some vulnerable positions.

I hope the relevant authorities would look into the services being rendered by the Welfare Department and that things will be NISE sometime soon.

– Treated Like A Dog

Dear Treated Like A Dog,

I have received quite a few complaints about the kind of “bad service” many people in need receive when they visit the Welfare Department.

Yet, I know that not all the officers are the same – even if some may appear not to treat people well.

I hope the relevant authorities will take your letter to heart, look into the kind of customer care service which is being rendered and that this concern is not swept under the carpet as have been the case in the past.