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Buzo’s opening soon

SHAWN CUMBERBATCH, [email protected]

Buzo’s opening soon

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BARBADOS IS ABOUT to get a taste of “authentic” Italian cuisine garnished with new investment and jobs.

Cristian Grini (below), a born and bred Italian executive chef who moved to Trinidad and Tobago nine years ago and opened what has become one of that country’s popular restaurants, is preparing to open the Barbados version of Buzo Osteria Italiana in the next month and a half.

And Grini has served notice that in addition to providing between 65 and 70 jobs in all areas of the new restaurant located in the same Hastings, Christ Church building once occupied by TGI Friday’s, fresh Barbadian produce will be prominent on his shopping list.

He gave BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY an update on the project last week before returning to Trinidad.

christian-grini-copyGrini said he was still interviewing people to work in the restaurant as part of his effort to ensure the right people were hired.

“We are looking for staff for front of the house including house managers, servers, front desk personnel, and bartenders and for back of the house, which includes line chefs, managers in the kitchen, and overall kitchen crew.

“Many times we have a situation where people start from kitchen crew and go up, it depends on the amount of passion and dedication they have for the job. Everyone will have an opportunity with us,” he said.

Humble food

Grini said Barbados diners could look forward to “very humble food, simple, truly authentic Italian”.
This included pasta that was “made in-house fresh daily”, and “freshly made pizza” as part of a “360 degree menu” with options for “everyone including vegetarians, vegans, and the Muslim community”.

“So most of the meat will be Halal just to make sure that we can feed everybody in every culture. We will also have gluten free options for pizza and pasta.”

With the restaurant to include a martini bar, pizza bar, communal dining area, a private dining room and outside seating, Grini said he expected the eatery to accommodate between 120 and 150 diners, who would witness an “open kitchen concept”.

The investor was also keen to train staff and support local producers.

“We are open to people with experience and without experience and certainly we will guide them to learn what we are doing. We are authentic Italian so we are trying to achieve something here that we have already in Trinidad.

“I am extremely passionate about the restaurant and about this business and about what we are going to do in Barbados. Therefore there is a huge motivation for me,” he said.

“We will like use all of the local suppliers and farmers and make sure that we are a big support to them and that they are a big support to us with everything including fresh fruits and fresh herbs.

“We work with local farmers and everything that we need that people can produce locally definitely we will be going with the local option. One thing that is very important is consistency of the product.”