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LOOKA LEW: Everybody got a gun


LOOKA LEW: Everybody got a gun

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That is what a youngster told a woman who he accused of almost hitting him on his bicycle with her car. He continued, “but if you did hit me, I wouldda get up and throw a shot in yuh (expletive).”

To be honest I really ain’t see what happen, but I heard the lady telling him, “All you got to do is come and shoot me, cause wunna so does feel wunna got de only gun in Barbados.”

The youngster grumbled something, and got back on his bicycle and rode away.

But it suddenly dawned upon me, that, I might be the onliest person in Barbados who ain’t got a gun. I real serious, I don’t even have a water pistol or gutterperk to save my life. If somebody had to break in my house a night, I would have to beat them with a pillow or a shoe.

Years ago and you hear a fella say he would shoot you, you would laugh at that, and even tell him that he can’t spell “gun” so how he gine own one. But you can’t risk that now.

Seriously, we got schoolchildren now who could hardly spell them name, but them got more guns and bullets than them have school books. If you doubt me, look how only a few months ago, a 15-year-old schoolboy was charged with shooting a man in town. Now tell me where he got a gun from?

And I remember early last year, hearing a lil schoolboy telling another one, that he gine save his lunch money and buy a gun and shoot him. I believe by now he probably saved enough money to buy two.

I telling you, right now it is more easier to get a gun than to get a job. And what made me say so, is only a few days ago at a funeral, while the congregation was singing Precious Lord Take My Hand, and the grave was being covered, a gun drop out of one of the young fella’s pockets right in front of everybody, including people from the military who were attending.

I understand that one of the military people picked it up, but the youngster wrestled it away from him and quickly disappeared.

Somebody who sent the video of the happenings to me, told me that every other youngster at the funeral was “packing”. And that ain’t nothing to doubt, cause I might be the onliest person left ’bout here who aint got a gun.

Listen, one time I was dropping home a old fella from church a night in the country. When we got in his village he told me where to put him off. But I couldn’t see any house, so I asked him where exactly he lived. He told me he had to walk through a track and his house was down in the back.

So I asked him if he wasn’t frighten to walk through that lonely place all by himself at night. He said he don’t be scared, cause he does walk with his friend. I said, “oh, you mean Jesus?” And with a twinkle in his eyes, the old boy replied, “If you does call this Jesus,” and showed me a big able silver gun that he had in his bag.

It is true, everybody ’bout here seem to got a gun except me. But that might be a good thing though, cause I might only end up accidentally shooting off my big toe, or worse still . . . something else. See ya.

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