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Looking to cool the region

SHAWN CUMBERBATCH, [email protected]

Looking to cool the region

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FRESH FROM WINNING Bank on ME, entrepreneur Sean Carter is already on the verge of expansion into the region.

Carter shared the news with BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY last week, as he and Rhema Cooking Air Conditioning Service technicians installed the first of a batch of newly-arrived solar thermal air conditioning units at their St Michael office.

The units arrived in a 20-foot container a few weeks ago and are now in the company’s possession. The managing director said in the coming weeks the company would be carrying out installations for customers who have been waiting for the shipment to arrive.sean-carter

At the same time, however, Carter said his company was likely to soon cement its position as a distributor for the units, with interest being generated in neighbouring islands.

“I have formed some new strategic alliance partnerships with some persons in the Caribbean and we are in discussions now trying to get the distributorship for not only Barbados but for Barbados and the Caribbean.

“So we actually have the agreement now for our lawyers to look over and once the lawyers give us the thumbs up then by next month we should have the distributorship for this product from that supplier for the Caribbean,” he said.

“We have interest from St Vincent, from St Lucia, and Antigua, we will start with those three islands. We will be looking at Dominica as well. Antigua and Dominica have some of the highest [electricity] rates in the Caribbean, and the Caribbean has some of the highest [electricity] rates in the world.

“We have a couple companies and apartment owners that we have already sent off quotations to in St Vincent, so St Vincent is looking like a very soon thing.”

He said the solar thermal unit was better than the conventional one largely because it “cuts your air conditioning [electricity] cost by 50 per cent”.