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ALTAR CALL: Call to stop the jealousy

CHERYL HAREWOOD, [email protected]

ALTAR CALL: Call to stop the jealousy

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STOP THE JEALOUSY, give support and start to love!

Prophetess Marguerite Breedy-Haynes admonished fellow ministers recently to stop allowing jealousy to dominate their lives and instead work together as one for the glory and honour of Christ Jesus.

The leader of the Saving The Lost At Any Cost church was preaching during a service at the Clock Tower, Garrison, St Michael.

As she lambasted some ministers and other believers for allowing jealousy to control their actions and reactions, she asked the question: “Why is it that so many congregations in Barbados and around the world are supposed to belong to one Saviour, yet jealousy controls and dominates many of the people in them?”

She called for the cultivation of more Jonathan and David relationships in the body of Christ, as she quoted 1 Samuel 18:1: “After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David.” marguerite-breedy-haynes

Breedy-Haynes said many pastors could not become one in spirit with each other because the Spirit of God had left them and “that is why they are slandering and backbiting each other”.

She proceeded to ask those in the congregation if their lives were filled with jealousy, before she stated that jealousy was a sure sign that such an individual was not walking as a man or woman after God’s heart.

“Those who are in Christ are a new creation. Old things have passed away and all things become new. If you were in the world living a life filled with jealousy, when you come to know Jesus, jealousy should never remain a part of your life,” the no-nonsense preacher stressed.

“Many people cannot become one in spirit with you because they can see the anointing of God upon your life and the anointing brings intimidation. When jealousy is not a part of a believer’s life, then you will love another member or pastor as yourself, just as Jonathan loved David as himself.

“When you love someone like yourself you want the best for them. You don’t hurt them but you hurt when they hurt. You don’t try to take their position and you protect them.”

She warned: “Jealousy will cause us to do wrong towards an anointed brother or sister and we become a tool in the hand of Satan.”