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PM: Stop the yardfowl talk

TREVOR YEARWOOD, [email protected]

PM: Stop the yardfowl talk

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PRIME MINISTER Freundel Stuart wants Barbadians to stop disrespecting political party members and supporters by calling them “yardfowls”.

He complained yesterday that people were not disrespected when it was found out that they had joined non-political organisations, but “snooty persons” resorted to calling “decent men and women” the derogatory term “yardfowls” because of the mere act of joining a political party.

He said he had heard that kind of language “too often” in Barbados.

He was reacting to what he said were comments by an unidentified talk show host who had declared that he was against joining a political party because he wanted to safeguard his independence and to avoid being tagged a yardfowl.

However, Stuart said the rank and file of any political party, some of whom had drawn the unfortunate descriptive, were important because political achievements and progress could not happen if there were only leaders of a party.

Stuart was addressing a service at St Paul’s Anglican Church on Bay Street at which the Democratic Labour Party launched celebrations marking its 60th anniversary. (TY)