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DEAR CHRISTINE: No longer interested in overseas ‘lover’


DEAR CHRISTINE: No longer interested in overseas ‘lover’

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Dear Christine,

I AM 22 YEARS OLD and caught between two lovers.

Last year I visited an island on a vacation. While there I met a very nice young man.

He fell in love with me and I thought that I was in love too; until I returned home and met another man whom I truly and honestly love.

He also loves me. I’ve proved this over the past few months.

This guy from overseas keeps calling and writing. He says he loves me. He came for a holiday and stayed at my home. Now he is asking me to marry him.

I no longer care for this man and I’ve told him I’m not in love with him. He tells me I am lying.

I don’t really know what to do. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I feel trapped.

– R L

Dear R L,

If you knew you were not interested in this man, you should not have encouraged him to stay in your home. Having him there appears to be a contradiction.

You must be tired now from trying to be polite.

You are a grown woman and he cannot hold anything against you, especially since you’ve told him you no longer feel the same way he does.

If he is finding it hard to accept what you’ve told him, write him a letter. Maybe then, it will all sink in.

And please, do not invite him back into  your home.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.