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Greenidge targets world stage


Greenidge targets world stage

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SADE-MARIAH GREENIDGE has her athletics goals set for the next two years.

The talented sprint hurdler wants to qualify for this year’s World Championships in China and the Rio Olympics in Brazil next year.

Now back home on a brief visit, Greenidge told NATIONSPORT at the National Stadium on Wednesday that she is very excited about her prospects.

“I am working on my new techniques. I haven’t reached the times I want to as yet but my coach believes I’m getting there, so that’s the good news I’m holding on to.”

She said her aim was to run at least a 12.8 seconds this season as she gears up for conference championships.

“I’ve done a 13.3 so far but I’m looking to do even better than that because my technical stuff is getting better with each meet.”

Greenidge said that she will be home for Nationals, which are slated for June.

She revealed that her stay in the United States has definitely worked out to her benefit.

“It has been going pretty well. I think being part of the American collegiate track circuit has been very developmental for me. I have grown as a person and my athletics career has taken off over the last four years.”

The former Springer Memorial standout said her first year at the University Of Houston was a major breakthrough because she was able to lower her times significantly.

“I went from doing 14-point to 13.30; the next year I dropped to 13.1. My junior year was kind of rough but so far this year I’ve been consistent.”

Greenidge, who is majoring in sports administration, said she is thankful that she has been injury free during her time at the university.

“Actually, I left Barbados with a slight injury but they fixed it up, giving me therapy and the like, and I’ve been doing good since then.”