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Massy pulls out of May Day parade

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

Massy pulls out of May Day parade

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THE BAD BEHAVIOUR exhibited by some individuals invading the annual Labour Day parade has caused one major company to pull back from the activity.

Barbados Workers Union general secretary Toni Moore said the Massy group had made its intentions known it would not be fully participating in the parade until a solution was found.

“One of the major groups missing is Massy because of the disruptions where individuals invaded the groups. This does not represent the occasion so they made a conscious effort to limit their participation with plans to return later when we can address the problem,” she said.

This year the groups were cordoned off with ropes and each had a designated music/drinks truck. Some of the groups spotted included the Labour Department; Oran Limited; the Barbados Water Authority; the Barbados National Oil Company Limited and the Barbados Port Authority.

The route started at the Garrison Savannah and continued through Dalkeith and  Culloden Road where wreaths were placed at the Statue of Sir Frank Walcott; Belleville; Tweedside Road; Roebuck Street; Crumpton Street; St Michael’s Row; Bay Street and on to Browne’s Beach where speeches will take place. (CA)

Remembering trade unionist Sir Frank Walcott on May Day.