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Zulu International presents The Hunger Games


Zulu International presents The Hunger Games

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POST-APOCALYPTIC POMP was in full flight when the third instalment of Zulu International’s Kadooment offering was launched at the Concorde Experience on Friday evening.

Scores of loyal tributes waited as long as two-and-a-half hours to take in the spectacle of The Hunger Games, which consisted of seven sections – District 8, District 10, District 12, Capitol, Catching Fire, Panem and Mockingjay.

Those emerging as Victors showcased the individual costumes for each section. District 8, Catching Fire and Capitol were some of the bigger crowd pleasers. 

Six of the seven sections have frontline and backline options, with the exception of the VIP section, Capitol.

Long after the costumes rocked the runway, the hundreds gathered to see the games partied to the sounds of popular soca hits until the early hours of Saturday morning. (Green Bananas Media)

Zulu International will be portraying The Hunger Games for Crop Over 2015. (Picture by Amery Butcher)