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TALK BACK: Readers see few benefits in oil exploration

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALK BACK: Readers see few benefits in oil exploration

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MANY ONLINE READERS are baffled that Barbados is going into oil exploration at a time when the rest of the world is moving towards renewable energy.

Additionally, they want to know what measures will be put in place to prevent an oil spill, since this would effectively destroy the tourism industry.

These views were expressed last week after Prime Minister Freundel Stuart inked an agreement with BHP Billiton granting two licences to begin offshore exploration for oil and natural gas.

• Tennyson Joseph: I’m hoping the environmental impact study is made public for scrutiny.

• Natasha Chase: God help us if we ever get an oil spill.

• Thomas Katt: All that talk about renewable energy was just that then . . . talk.

• Karl Holligan: Why oil when the trend is to move away from fossil fuels? Barbados needs to develop its solar potential. This Prime Minister is now looking to purchase a good cowskin or a well-made dog hunter. What use are they in this modern era? This Prime Minister, every time I see him, he disappoints me more.

• Shirley Wells: If the Barbados Government does not enact strict control and regulations regarding oil exploration, then you might as well kiss the pristine beaches of Barbados goodbye. Better yet, they should tell the oil companies to take a hike.

• Troy Hunte: I’m protesting this even if I do it alone. The whole world is going green, but we’re digging for oil.

• Gabriel Abed: This is a good move for Barbados and if we find a significant pocket of oil in any of our offshore blocks, then it’s payday for our economy. It will not destroy our beaches and it will not look like an eyesore at 40 kiolmetres out.

The environmental plan should be made public and transparent along with policy and procedures of the BHP contract.

• Richie Belle: Remember, fracking brings earthquakes. Never forget what happens when it starts.

• Mervin Errol: Even when an attempt has been made to find a solution to soften the economic situation, the critics would prefer to throw ice water on it than to hope that this one is successful. It boggles the mind.

• Derek Bain: It’s true that Barbados can benefit greatly from this, but at what cost? We only need to look at the pollution in Trinidad from the oil industry there to get an idea of what may happen here. The Australian company that will be operating here may not be as careless as the one(s) in Trinidad, but has our Government researched them?

• Danielle Belle Aurora: We should be focused on solar and wind energy, not oil. Oil is the way of the past when we were less technologically advanced.

• Terry Clarke: This is a very positive start.

• Penelope Ann Courtney: This should not be allowed. It will potentially destroy Barbados and destroy the beaches which are the main attraction. It’s lunacy.

Sherrylyn Toppin is The Nation’s Online Editor.