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DEAR CHRISTINE: Girl of my dreams is my cousin


DEAR CHRISTINE: Girl of my dreams is my cousin

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Dear Christine,

I AM A YOUNG MAN who has had his share of relationships. In fact, I often get women running me down because of my good looks and the fact that I am very friendly.

Despite all this, the one person I really care about I cannot have. She’s a cousin of mine.

When we first met while studying at the same educational institution, I had no idea whatsoever that we were related.

I felt she was nice, really quiet, friendly and extremely good looking.

I know some of the other fellows were interested in her, but I felt she would have picked me over them anytime.

We would exchange friendly greetings and small talk.

However, I got the shock of my life while chatting with a cousin one day. This girl’s name came up during the course of our conversations and I was informed that she was also my cousin – and a close one at that.

You can imagine how I felt about this and that I did not want to accept that fact.

Christine, I love this girl, and I am really sorry that she is a relative. I love her enough to want to marry her.

The thing is, she did not seem surprised when I told her we were related. 

– P.L.

Dear P.L.,

This is the second letter for the year of an individual being attracted to a relative.

I think you should be counting your lucky stars that you found out about these close family ties before the friendship and feelings grew any deeper – even if it was just on your part.

I believe that while this young woman might have been aware of the kinship, she may have felt that the relationship would never have amounted to anything other than small talk and friendly greetings.

You’ve also got to face the fact that she is your cousin – so get over it.

Obviously, she is not among the lot who are running you down because of your good looks and friendliness.

That’s why she was so willing to accept the fact of kinship.

She’s a relative. Case closed!