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No ifs or buts about new book

JOHN SEALY, [email protected]

No ifs or buts about new book

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NO MORE BIG BUTS is the title of a 138-page book written by Michelle Greene. And it is catchy enough to make one inquire further about what inspired the author to pen the text that carries the subtitle: 7 Transformational Steps To Banish Excuses From Your Life.

“The thing about it, no matter how much information is there for people, if no one knows about it, it can’t add any value or benefit to their life,” she said.

“Self-help and personal growth topics can be so dry at times. So I wanted a provocative title, something that would grab their ears and eyes.”

So Greene thought it a good idea to pique the interest of her potential readers with the intriguing title No More Big Buts.

“If [people] pick it up and they are part of the audience that the book can help, they would be motivated to continue on and pull a few chapters,” said Greene, who describes herself as a lifestyle strategist.

One thing that triggered her to put out the book was people’s fascination with those birthdays that end in “the big 0”.

“And you are thinking, ‘Oh my Gosh, I am stuck, I have done all the major things so far: I graduated from high school, I did some college, I got married, built a house. I did all the milestone events; what’s left for me?

“We start to think that our best years are behind us as we get older. While your best years may be behind you, your best experiences do not have to be,” she said.

Greene, a Barbadian by birth who now lives in Connecticut, said that “there are so many opportunities out there if you just look at them with a different set of eyes, not looking at them with the eyes that you had in the past.

“You are being open and receptive to the environment, the changes, the economy and in some of these areas of chaos are where possibilities and opportunities lie”.

And as Greene says in No More Big Buts, “the most exciting ways  to predict your future is to create it”. (JS)