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End highway vending


End highway vending

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IN A LETTER published in October last year concerning the upsurge of vending alongside the nation’s highways, I warned: “This practice is obviously something that can affect the safety of motorists, not to mention the very vendors on the shoulders of the highway, which should be stopped in its infancy.”

The recent accident resulting from a motorist stopping to patronise a corn vendor, in which miraculously there was no loss of life, proves me right.

It is alarming that the relevant authorities have done nothing to rectify the situation that caused the accident. The uncritical attitude of the media, which has reported the determination of the vendor to resume business in the same place the next day in laudatory terms, is even worse.

I cannot believe that I am the only person in Barbados who recognises that this is a problem.

Bajans are well travelled and must know that vending is not allowed on the shoulders of highways in other countries, except in lay-bys and at off-road service centres.

Please, let us have a stop to this nonsense before someone is killed.