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Hold fathers responsible


Hold fathers responsible

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SOME FATHERS are a menace to society. I make this bold statement as they too are bold.

Recently, a mother was expected to appear in court to answer the charge of neglecting to ensure that her child attended school. I fear to state the obvious, so what happened to the father? By now he too should be hauled before the courts.

Those in the decision-making echelon of the Government and institutions should understand and pressure males to actively participate in the upbringing of the child. The church in all its manifestations has accepted and tiptoed around this issue and when you hear MESA [Men’s Educational Support Association] and some politicians talk, it is mainly on the premise of the woman not allowing the father to see the child and the non-payment of child support.

We women do feel insulted and admonish these leaders to be more engaged in what is happening to our children. This unhealthy and barbaric practice of “forking up” and then deserting the child to be tended by the mother only, without a backward glance to see if they are striving, is an abomination to all classes of our society.