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High praise for fire service


High praise for fire service

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THE BARBADOS FIRE SERVICE came in for full praise for containing a fire which threatened to put a number of people out of work at the Bjerkhamn and Jada Group compound at Spring Hall, St Lucy, yesterday.

The fire destroyed two container storage bonds around 10:30 a.m and according to Bjerkhamn and Jada Group general manager Paul Lewis they would “now have to determine our losses”.

“The fire department did an absolutely amazing job. Those guys were in such condition. The smoke from the chemicals and paints was so intense, you could not see your hand in front your face and they had their full oxygen gear and they were in there battling it like crazy.

I was a little scared for them at one time,” he said.

Two water tenders and a water tanker, under the command of Lloydson Phillips and 11 officers responded to the blaze. (RL)