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Imani: Put more support behind young artistes

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Imani: Put more support behind young artistes

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AFTER TWO YEARS of being one of the most promising up-and-coming talents on the soca scene in Barbados, Faith Imani Hoyte wants to see more young people embracing calypso and the Crop Over Festival.

Imani said that the past year has really been a good, though surprising, one for her.

“I’m excited for Crop Over 2015. I’ve worked hard, but I wasn’t well last year late, so I had to cut all my performances and stuff like that short, but I am so ready now. I am excited and one thing I really loved last year was the support that I had.

“Barbadians were behind me completely and I loved that . . . . That is so amazing for me, so I am very happy for the encouragement and I am looking forward to this year. As a new artiste I wasn’t expecting that much support, but it happened, so I welcome it and I love it,” said the Me and Bacchanal Road singer.

If there was one thing she would like to see different for Crop Over 2015, the 31-year-old young artiste said confidently, “young people”.

“I would like to see a lot more young people coming out and supporting calypso, supporting our music and believing in our music. I want to see them representing Barbados. We have lots of talent here, a lot, and I would like to see a lot more producers believing in young people and helping them to get to the point where they can be independent and get to places like where Alison Hinds and Biggie Irie are,” Imani said.

“The artistes need a lot more help  . . . Biggie Irie supports me a lot and I am lucky enough to have a team with the Red Boyz, Katrina and Tracey that support me, but everybody does not have that. That is what we need right now. We need for everybody to come together and push our music because it is beautiful,” she told Weekend Buzz.

While she has not been doing as much travelling, she admitted that she had a few performances coming up that people should look out for. (Green Bananas Media)