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Seems compassion lacking all around


Seems compassion lacking all around

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I READ in the MIDWEEK NATION of April 22 a report by Editor-in-Chief Roy Morris titled Lack Of Compassion.

He makes reference to his friend, Cyril Griffith, whom he was eulogising and who died in hospital.

The sick man was bound hand and foot and so could not feed himself. His meal was placed beside his bed but no hospital staff bothered to feed him.

I am confirming Morris’ report because I have heard that complaint a few times before. It is true that the situation shows lack of compassion. However, common sense tells me that the present staff could not have started that kind of behaviour.

However, we cannot speculate as to where and when it started.  I will say this though: The dead person was a faithful member of the church, a loyal member of a political party and a stalwart committed to the union. He will be sorely missed.

Now the question: did the same preacher, MP and senior union officers visit the sick member stretched out on the hospital bed?  And what about the high-flying top brass in the workplace who say, “He was a reliable and productive worker.”

What praise! But the man is dead, possibly prematurely, but dead nonetheless.

If all the above were to be seen showing sincere care and concern at his bedside, things from top to bottom in the place would change for the better.