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ALTAR CALL: Keep going ‘by faith’

CHERYL HAREWOOD, [email protected]

ALTAR CALL: Keep going ‘by faith’

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YOU’VE COME THIS FAR by faith; keep moving forward.

This central theme, chosen to mark the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Brittons Hill Wesleyan Holiness Church, was taken up by Reverend Lorton Moore during the anniversary service, luncheon and awards held recently at the National Union  of Public Workers’ auditorium.

Amid the fanfare and presentation of special awards, Moore, who titled his sermon Moving Forward By Faith, told the church pastor, Reverend Reginald Wooding, elders and members not to believe they had reached their destination, but to keep busy sharing the gospel and winning lost souls for Christ.

In his simple and straightforward manner, he reminded them that “faith is a journey, not a destination”, and that “Jesus is still the answer” for a lost and dying world.

“Brothers and sisters, faith will be rewarded – not at the beginning, not the middle of the journey, but at the end.” altar-call-new

Using Exodus 14:10-16 as his main text, Moore shared the story of the Israelites as they faced the Red Sea and of God’s command to them, through Moses, to move forward by faith as God was going to fight their battle and deliver them from the hand of Pharoah and his army.

“To the church the Lord would say, the task of kingdom building is not yet finished; the fields are white unto harvest. What I want you to do is rise up and go on to do the things I have called you to do and the things I have asked you to do. Forget the past, forget Egypt, forget the joys and sorrow by moving forward by faith.”

Three reasons

Moore, pastor of Wobourne Wesleyan in St George, told the congregation there were three reasons why they needed to keep moving forward by faith and continue growing as a church. The first was so as to shun a life of fear; secondly, to shelve murmuring and complaining and thirdly, to see God do the miraculous.

“The minute you stop moving forward or making progress in your spiritual walk, you will find yourself no longer walking in faith but living in fear. Instead of putting your trust in God and in His Word, you will begin to believe more the lies of the devil.”

He explained that the minute the Israelites stopped moving forward and encamped by the sea, their faith was essentially affected.

Moore also noted that murmuring and complaining would come through a failure to spend time in prayer and in God’s Word.

He also stressed that to move forward in faith, one must place one’s situations in God’s hand and trust Him to grant a miracle.

“God always moves when we are willing to obey Him and take the step of faith  He asks of us. God will never do for us what we can do for ourselves. There will always be challenges but God wants us to use what He has placed at our disposal and watch Him do the miraculous.

“If you are willing to move forward, God will part the sea and destroy the enemy. He will do the miraculous.”

Wesleyan Holiness District Superintendent, Reverend Anthony Worrell, in a brief address, challenged the members to gain 60 new converts during their 60th anniversary.

He also congratulated them on reaching the milestone and commended Wooding and his wife Sandra for taking the time to award members of the congregation.

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